Big Goals…….Why Bother?

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I have had an indifferent relationship with goals over the past decade. There were periods where I was regimental with the setting, writing and implementing of goals. I have also had periods where I left things unfold and responded accordingly. Over the past few years I have taken a slightly different approach. I still write out a small list of business, personal and health goals at the start of each year. The

True T.E.A.M. Building With Impact

2021-06-18T16:33:41+00:00June 18th, 2021|Categories: Leadership, Performance, TEAM|

The key to a high performing business is not about an individual person. Businesses that perform well are built on a foundation of high functioning teams. This won’t be a surprise to many. The understanding of the role of the team in successful organisations has spawned an entire industry of “Team Building”. Traditional team building has tended to revolve around team activities and off-site days. These are designed with the intention of


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Every day of the week people sit over coffee and get genuinely excited about the prospects of this amazing new business idea they have just harvested in their mind. Starting up a business is bloody tough and it is the allure of doing really excellent work and contributing in some way to your industry, that continues to draw people in every day of the week. Well that and the possibility of making

Leaders – Get Out of the Way

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Sometimes, as leaders, we need to look in the mirror. Look closely. We may be the problem. Sometimes, we open the door but stand in the opening. Sometimes, we are wrong. What we do and how we make people feel, is more important than the words we use. There is always pressure to improve performance. We try to do this by putting more rules in place, policies, bureaucracy, red tape, and on

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