Sometimes, as leaders, we need to look in the mirror. Look closely. We may be the problem.

Sometimes, we open the door but stand in the opening.

Sometimes, we are wrong.

What we do and how we make people feel, is more important than the words we use. There is always pressure to improve performance. We try to do this by putting more rules in place, policies, bureaucracy, red tape, and on and on. We want to control everything, we micro-manage, we build trust blocks, we over-complicate, we create ambiguity to make ourselves feel better, more secure. Simply put, we get in the way. We block the open door that the great performers in our teams desperately want to walk through. Eventually, they get bored and frustrated. They become disengaged. They walk out the exit door instead.

This is a leadership problem. It is easily solved. Pay attention to what is being done. Look closely in our own mirror first before we cast the cloud of doubt over others. Get out of the way of those that want to perform. Give them the chance.

Sometimes, we need to trust first.

Sometimes, we need to dance with mistakes and insecurity.

Sometimes, we need to get out of the way, let them do the things that excite them.

Guide, mentor, coach, collaborate, connect, create visions, lead.