Next Level T.E.A.M.

The bedrock of successful organisations are teams that function well together and within the diverse landscape of the organisation. This is the outcome of true team building.

Our T.E.A.M. model is the product of many years working in business and sport. The aim is to create high performing teams that contribute to each other and the organisation with honesty, collaboration and a clear understanding of where they are going. The essential elements of building high performing teams are trust, engagement, alignment and, the secret sauce, meitheal (pronounced meh-hill). We work with teams across organisations, from the executive team to everywhere else.

Performance Optimisation

Aligning people and business strategy leads to better outcomes for the organisation and the people within it. This is often overlooked but is a competitive advantage that will see your organisation step out from the crowd in a busy global market place.

Using cutting edge people analytics, people development strategies and the development of piercing clarity, we work with organisations to capitalise on their greatest asset – the people that will make it great. From recruitment, to engagement, to performance, to successful outcomes, we will diagnose the challenges and design solutions to deliver that competitive advantage for your organisation.

Next Gen Talent

Developing a strong leadership pipeline should be a priority for organisations. There are many benefits to taking this approach – retention, engagement, employer branding, future proofing.

The Performance Nerds have significant experience with graduate programs and early talent development. From assessment to training, to mentoring and coaching, we can design and deliver the next generation of connected leaders for your organisation. We place a very strong emphasis on the development of the individual and their capacity to develop a leadership philosophy that is authentic for them. These are the green shoots that will reap a great harvest for the organisation in the future and to meet the challenges of the changing environments that they will encounter along the way.

Leadership Development

Now, more than ever, leadership matters. In a world that is evolving at a ferocious pace, we need leaders that have the ability to connect with the people that they lead.

The Performance Nerds approach to leadership development is built around “Connected Leadership”. By this, we mean developing leaders that are capable of making an authentic connection with those that they lead. We bring a focus to authenticity, behaviours, real conversations and culture. Our leadership development programs breed leaders that make a difference, both for the organisations that they are part of and the people that they lead. We are enabling people to find their authentic leadership voice, bring a dynamic approach to problem solving, create an inspiring vision for the future and encourage creativity.

Executive Performance Coaching

Executive coaching has now become a key development for people at all stages of their career. It has long since moved away from being a corrective resource for under-performing individuals.

Our internationally accredited coaches all draw on over a decades experience of working with peoples at all levels of business and sport. Providing a confidential and trusting space for people to un-pack their challenges and hone in on their individual performance objectives has proven to be hugely beneficial. We offer coaching as a stand-alone offering, but also as an integral part of supplementing the learning in our performance and leadership development programmes.

Consulting & Facilitation

Expert input can be invaluable to bring perspective and develop approaches to challenging problems. The objectivity of an outsider can help to reveal otherwise unspoken concerns and bring to light the unseen potential.

As consultants and facilitators we can bring our many years of experience, continual learning and objectivity to your organisation. Whether it be in an advisory capacity, developing a solution to be delivered in-house or facilitating meaningful and challenging conversations with your people, we stand ready. With a focus on performance, culture and behaviours, we can work with you to unlock the next level potential in your team or organisation.

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