The Commercial Value of Happiness

Have you ever heard the term “Happy Cows Produce More Milk”? In the dairy farming world its commonly known that the happier the cows, the greater the yield. The same is true of people. When people are happy we are more productive, it’s common sense really. Yet, business doesn’t act upon this basic premise. It’s not all about paying more money either. There are simple things, that literally cost nothing in their application, that can be done to improve happiness at work. Culture is important! (Side note: Culture is not about bean bags, pizza ovens, beer in the office, bright furniture, fancy spaces etc., they are nothing more than gimmics if the core elements of values, behaviours and communication are not aligned)

The commercial value of happiness is vast and the positive impact on people has the capacity to change the world of work as we know it.

It’s sad, but true, that there are many people in positions of leadership that are incapable of, or not adequately trained to, communicate effectively and collaboratively. The engagement of people in their work and the performance that flows from that is largely down to how we make an individual feel. Of course, there is also the responsibility to recruit well, train well and align well.

Here at Performance Nerds we work with leaders to develop the engagement, alignment and happiness in people that will enable them to do great work in a great environment.

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